Current Exhibition: ‘Connection'

Artist: Amber Wombat Kerdel


Amber Wombat Kerdel is a strong and proud Wirangu, Kokotha, Mirning woman from the Far West Coast of South Australia who lives on Kaurna country. She is strongly connected to her Munda (country) and passionate about her Aboriginal culture and community.

Her artwork is an expression of who she is and showcases the beauty and depth of her culture; the love, connectedness and strength of her community and the spiritual depth, vastness, layers and deep beauty of her Munda (country).

From her cultural ancestry she is able to capture and represent the intricacies and relationships of family and country with each other and individually through an array of colours and symbols. This is her expression of storytelling from the heart and soul.

As the youngest of three sisters, family, community and connection are important to her and clearly identifiable through her expressive artwork. It’s more than paint on canvas, it’s a contemporary celebration of her Aboriginal family and culture as the oldest living culture on the planet.